Nifes Knight's reviews

sankakucomplex Safe or Not Safe!

So far its been safe to use and i haven't had any problems yet. Their are using encrypted on the website and looks fine by it never hurts to run website scan on them to be 100%.

N4G Good or Bad?

N4G has alot of bad things that even the most best antiviruses couldn't pick up or stop. So please be-careful when using this website at all. I click one thing and alot of viruses attack my PC before. So i don't use this website no more, if you need good gaming news site check out or others.

Rockstar Safe or Not!

The website is safe and i haven't had any troubles with the website at all.

FF14 Lodestone Should Be Trusted or Not!

The site looks safe but Square Enix needs to add more better to keep the website safer but overall i haven't alot of problems with them that much.

IGN Trusted or Not! Hmm!

IGN is safe and can be trusted but it never hurts to be on the safe side by having Ad Block. Keep your Antiviruses software up to-date.