Nifes Knight's reviews

MAL Ads Attacking Me!

Been using MAL for adding anime/manga to my list for years now but now it's own ads system is attacking me every time I visit the website for anything. Ads that are attacking is from and it doesn't stop ever. Every time you visit the website endless attack on reloading page or any page you check. It started two days ago after visiting the website for adding new anime to my list. I report it to MAL support forums with the founder investigating it still. For now, I'm marking this website annoying and dangerous to visit if you're using Norton software (Norton should block it but if it doesn't check your system) or any antivirus should be able to detect it and if not check your system for the virus.

The Site Isn't Safe At All!

After using this website for few months it never had problems unit now. It alot of bad things that will damage your PC and ect. IF you use the website don't use the download button to download image off the site or on them at all. Their hold Virus as well. just go to to get them their too which is more safer.

Battlefield Safe or Not Safe!

The website looks safe but their do have annoying people on the forums who break the rules and miss used their rights as mods, Staff, and ect on here. Their are bad links on the forums that could be bad to harm the PC so be careful and have your software up to date. Site is 50% safe if you don't miss with the forums and not safe if you use the forums. Its 3 out of 5, once their clean up the forums of the bad links.

PS Fourms for

PS Fourm from US is good, but from EN is really bad. Their is alot of bad admins to mods who miss use their power and ban you for nothing when you post anything their don't like. Don't waste your time on EN Forums at all. Plus with PSN being hack or attack with DOS Attack making their networks slows it show Sony PlayStation might not be good place for gaming when their can't even get better security for the network to safe guard personal info..

small-community-5 Safe or Not?

The website is 100% safe, everything is okay to use on here. Their don't have big name don't use the website unless big on social sites and Crunchyroll is truly safe.