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Nicodemus Lee
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Engh, it's gone, but not forgotten.

In a nutshell, SpySheriff is a scam, pretending to be anti-virus software. It isn't. It seriously messes with your computer, and is extremely hard to remove, even with legit anti-virus software.

Yeah, it's fine.

As long as you don't click on any ads, you won't get any viruses as far as I know.

System32/trojanDynam!er AND POSSIBLY OTHERS

Okay. I tried to get a cracked game from this website. A "cracked" game is where you get the game for free, when it is supposed to be for free. It is done through illegal methods, and I honestly thought I had a good enough antivirus to be okay for downloading. Obviously, I was wrong. It became my laptop's administrator, turned off my antivirus, and disabled all my downloaded software, from video games to search engines, from reaching the internet by putting a proxy on them that I cannot remove. I was able to remove Firefox's proxy, but that's really it. Do NOT open this website.