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I am a frequent user of the website and had no problems with it. You guys used to have the site rated safe, but now your program blocks me and tells me the site is dangerous. I can assure you that it is not.
The only thing that users must be aware of is the user generated content. This would include links to other sites and links to downloads. The site rules and forum pages have sections that describe these in detail. It is the user's choice to trust a link that another user of the site has posted.
In other reviews of this website, those users are saying the site itself is displaying and giving malicious software. That is not true.
Just like anytime a user is "surfing" the web, they need to remember internet safety and be cautious about the things they view and download.
I know for a fact that the website and its moderators work hard to find and remove any threats that users may post. (those user's accounts are then deleted and possibly IP banned and the like)
So again, this site has user generated content that can potentially be harmful, but that is up to the users to decide if they trust that individual's post.
P.S. Your Norton program has found only ONE threat and the site is immediately deemed dangerous?

Student Webite

I am the owner of this site (currently having issues verifying with Norton but Google verification works) and I originally created this site for a class project. After it was over, I turned the site into my own personal site where I put up whatever I want for fun. It is really just a site with links to other online game sites and some info and downloads about some projects I had worked on. My site has been up for about 2 years with varying browsing traffic.
The only thing that may be considered "malicious" is a program called "Open". It can be downloaded by a certain link that is VERY obvious. If the user's device has a disk drive, the disk drive will repeatedly open and close. It can easily be stopped using the task manager or just log off of that account on the computer. The Open program is meant for pranks which info about it is clearly stated in a page of the link for Open Help is clicked under Questions/comments tab. The site has nothing that can damage your computer in any way.