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Was Excellent until 6 months ago. Now Dangerous

I've had Norton for many years. I've had Advanced System Optimizer 3 (ASO) [a Product] for 5 years. I had ASO 2 about 8 or 9 years ago and dumped it, because it was 'too quick' to find minor malware (by which I mean it 'appeared' to be smoke and mirrors).
I have used Version 3 for 5 years, and it's the BEST software I have, in that it is actually better and quicker than Norton to find the minor stuff. (that is proven, by the fact that on a number of occasions whilst I had System Protector, one function of the ASO suite, running all the time, and it used to pick up the minor stuff 'before' Norton found it. I KNOW this, because I would look at the Norton quarantine every so often, and find that it had extracted the malware not from my general system, but from ASO's QUARANTINE!
Thus, this decision by Norton to classify ASO .exe files as malware is sour grapes on Norton's part. At around the same time that Norton began to quarantine ASO files, and classify as unsafe, I also noticed an Advert (above the actual search information) in which a company named Zookaware (who have a maintenance suite with similar functions to ASO, openly libelled Systweak's ASO as being malware! At that time, I wrote Microsoft to inform them, because I used Internet Explorer, and lodged a complaint, and within a short while found the advert gone!
I have no idea why either Norton or Zookaware would want to treat ASO in the way they are doing, but wonder if there is any connection between the two companies???
All I can say is that Norton is behaving as a bully, and has now totally destroyed ASO on at least one of our three machines. At one time, I was able to individually exclude ASO files from scans, and restore those that had been quarantined without asking me, but now Norton is no longer allowing me to decide the matter. So I am now looking to get another Internet/Antivirus protection software for my machines. Note that Norton will not accept email from it's customers, which for me is hard, since I have a hearing deficit and cannot use the telephone for such purposes. Their Chat is also take it or leave it in nature, so as a slow typist trying to explain complicated issues, I cannot use it. Best to use a company that cares about its customers!

Social/Political Debate site

These people are fine. They seek to raise concerns both social and political that are in the everyday news.

I regularly receive emails from them currently in connection with women's issues and our upcoming Canadian Election.

I trust them as do many others who are socially minded.

The Best Software I've ever used!

Please everyone note that I have been using Advanced System Optimizer v3, their flagship suite of software, for about 5 years. Now, apart from tiny programs to fix minor problems, it is my only total maintenance suite, and I rate it slightly above Norton 360 Premier edition! I would rate them equally but for the fact that Symantec have for the past 6 months or more been trying to destroy the ASO software. Please note that until they began attacking ASO files, and now the entire suite, when Norton picked up minor malware, I generally found that it had been snatched by them from ASO's quarantine! This is absoutely true! It appears that Symantec, or at least Norton, are in league with American Companies to put Systweak out of business, because it's better than the American software!
Only recently I resurrected my wife's computer using ASO in safe mode, because it could not boot normally. Note, BTW, that REG Clean Pro is just a fraction of ASO. So, please do not believe Norton's evaluation, as I believe it is sour grapes and Symantec are out to destroy Systweak's superior software! It appears that Norton are incapable of doing their own assessment of the software, and accepting the rating of people who don't understand the Systweak software, or are pawns of the competition, such as ZookaWare, who's statement to the effect that Systweak's software was malware appeared in the Google Advertisements a few months ago! In my opinion, it was libellous!

Best Chinese Restaurant in Toronto's Chinatown.

Best Chinese food my wife (who is of Chinese descent) and I (originally from the UK) have ever had came from this restaurant, and we've eaten at quite a few over the years (since 1982 in my case). They are Food oriented only. No guile on the part of the people there (a number of whom speak little English).
If you ever come to Toronto, and don't mind the cramped tables, and lack of great décor, you'll enjoy the best (authentic) Chinese food you've ever eaten.