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Malicious redirect script

Hackers insert code into random websites which call a redirect script at this server, which then forwards the user to an unrelated commercial website.

The script I encountered is at

Beautiful rasta reggae clothing! Jah mon!

It's hard to find good Reggae-centric clothing out there beyond your basic Bob Marley t-shirts. But these guys sell an original line of high-quality Reggae themed clothing! Jackets, track suits, dresses, swimwear, kids' wear... Something for everyone and no junk here. Very high end. Much recommended.

Keyword-based ad page

This is not a legitimately useful website. It contains no real content. Only keyword-based advertiser links.

Great charter schools for inner city LA

K-12 charter schools doing a great job of educating otherwise at-risk students in the heart of LA.

Fake blog with ad links

This page does not actually provide the instructions it claims to offer. Close inspection reveals it is a fake blog whose only purpose is to serve ads.