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Mike CEO Dibbler Australia
Mike CEO Dibbler Australia
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Hi my name is Mike, I'm the founder and CEO of Dibbler Australia. Dibbler is the official partner to Uchatsocial and has been since early 2010 when Uchat first went live to the world.

We chose to partner with Uchatsocial because of there ethics. There belief is to provide a wholesome website without trying to make a nasty profit through ads and pop ups and the like.

We found this to be a really attractive feature on there site and we also found it to be really rare for a social site on the internet today. When we asked them why they were like this, there answer was simple - Uchatsocial is not about making money, it is about entertaining the world.

Since then Dibbler has gone on to forge a very strong relationship with Uchat. We have watch them take there time and grow at a slow but continuous pace and never falling victim to greed or the wanting of money through ad placement, membership fees or even affiliate fees. They have kept there promise to the letter, which you can read about on there About Us page.

I would to like to say thank you Uchat for all the services you have provided to my Company, my Site and my Community. We will continue to use you as our source of social entertainment for years to come.

For the general community out there who haven't been introduced to Uchatsocial yet, please do yourselves a favor, join the site and learn your way around it. Notice how there is no annoying ads and pop ups or page re-directing. It is a very clean, safe and secure website that can keep any age group entertained for hours on end. We love Uchatsocial and were 100% sure you will too.