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Middle aged male
Middle aged male
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Another malware ad scam

A Google product!!!! MALWARE!!! This locks up web pages I am using for WORK and I have to close the window and reinitiate the web page to return to work. Google runs a plethora of web pages promoting this garbage....

Malware - Spam Pop Ups

This site repeatedly caused the web site I was using to lock up / disengage and switched me to their site. It is a retailer in El Segundo, CA. The person answering the phone refused to give me the corporate phone number and refused to pass me to a supervisor (two calls, same result).


Malware advertising, pop ups that bypass normal IE pop up prevention tools. This pop up disables the active window.


1. This site locks up my history/backspace data. When I am browsing a job search site, it fills my backspace with hundreds of identical addresses, making it virtually impossible to leave a page without closing the window and restarting. Yesterday, I counted at least 720 lines of identical address entries (seven hundred twenty) before I got bored and just closed the window. At other times, it has been approximately 200 lines.

2. It also deposits pop-ups behind the active window. When I try to move my cursor on/through the address bar of the pop-up window, it will not allow me.

3. I went to the site manually and they offered an "opt out" button which I selected, but to no affect. The same problem happened this morning. This morning, there were only about half a dozen initially so I was able to select the search window I used for my job site, but blocked/overrode my selection and loaded up the history.

4. The address for my situation is: