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Their shoes are a cheap knock off of Hey Dudes. They don't even send you the same looking shoe! Completely different design from what is ordered. Do not order from this company! You will get ripped off!

seems unsafe

It automatically downloaded crap to my computer!! I don't know why Norton says its safe... it can't possibly be safe!!! Something that automatically downloads to your computer w/out your permission seems like a virus to me! I'm sick of these stupid popup/viruses from Germany!!!!!

Not good!

Antivirus blocked an attack after I signed up!! Don't go there!! is NOT safe!!!!!

virus popup

popup showed up on my screen saying my browser was very outdated...when you try to "X" out of it, it automatically starts downloading something onto your computer!! Hurry up and X out of that site!! I know this has to be a virus!

womens not good

Just went to this sight and someone tried to attack my computer!! Someone needs to change the security rating! don't go there!!