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Rated Red for Personal Safety reasons

What I HAVE Noticed about this site, is that is a haven for weird stories people write. That means dark homopedophilia (meaning rape and murder of a child of the same gender and the child is obviously in pain... Vivid description of pain, rape, and murder are keys to these horrid people's content) This is where A LOT OF ILLEGAL ACTIVITY IS SHARED AMONGST PEOPLE. I T ALSO HIDES ITSELF FROM THE PUBLIC, so if the content was from 1990, nobody except the pedophiles would notice until much later, like 2009 in which it is already too late.
That's my two cents.

It doesn't even deserve to be 2/5

Somehow this got downloaded to my computer. Of course being the idiot I am I thought it was part of my other download. So anyways, it was really hard to get rid of. IT DOES NOT show up on remove programs, which is very suspicious. You have to manually search for the files on C to get rid of them. Save valuable time by NOT downloading anything from here.

Some safety tips and other stuff

Okay, firstly the only reason I rated it green is because I come here for pictures occasionally and minor stuff (like video game raids on chat sites) is sometimes fun. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect that.
Now, for safety, if you can't handle sexual images this site is NOT for you. Browsing a variety of boards I noticed people will post porn regardless of the board.
Another thing-- people ARE right about the hackers. Some people on here WILL take your personal information and upload it for the world to bother you. Here's how you can avoid it:
1) Don't post stuff on /b/
2) Don't post stuff anywhere in which it doesn't belong (stay on topic)
3) If you ARE going to post here, make sure you are ALWAYS anonymous. Don't bother creating an account.


Never trust ANY link that contains If your friend or some person on the internet can't show you what they are linking you to without disguising it... then it's most likely bad.

Whoever tagged this as a virus is wrong.

Nyan Cat may be a "viral video" BUT that doesn't make it a virus. A viral video is a video that spreads among people (like friends sending it amongst each other) so fast it's considered viral. It does not have viruses, it's just a term. So if you thought of it as a virus because of that, I explained this. Know Your Meme is your friend when it comes to stuff like Viral Videos. They aren't viruses, go to Know Your Meme for more information. As for spam... I guess this could be considered spam, but if you are the one purposely clicking on it you have no one to blame but yourself. Now onto security, the main point of my review. This is a completely secure site, it's just a cat "flying through space making rainbows". You CAN get addicted to it but other than that there is nothing wrong with it. Also, just because it doesn't end in .org, .net, or .com DOESN'T determine it safe or unsafe. If anyone is curious, the song was "sung" by an UTAU named Momo Momone. She is really popular because her voicebank is one of the easiest ones to understand (I use UTAU). That pretty much sums Nyan Cat up.