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Fake AV

Youtube shows a number of fake Anti-Viruses and this is one of them. Also once on your PC it may tun your Anti-Virus off and throw fake alerts at you.

99.99% SAFE

This website maker wordpress is a great free maker, i use it alot. But some people may use the free domain to host some bad stuff... But anyways SAFE!!

Adware in setup

I just downloaded this software to play with my friend but, Once it started setup it looked normall until the install part, Norton and malware bytes poped up saying adware found with a risky connection with 25 tracking cookies, I do not recommend this to anyone without ANY virus protection. Also when you go to on the internet malware bytes blocks a website from taking over.

Good Website

Good website, but worms and other stuff,
But still good anyway.

Crazy Stuff

When on this site your computer becomes one of the many victims of youareanidiot. Plus when you try and get out of the webpage, It appears on your desktop. Very annoying...