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DO NOT DOWNLOAD PROGAM OPEN CP-LEARNER. You'll get Spam Ads. When Curser Rolls over Red double Underline Texts. Spam Ads come alive and Paid Hell to move them!
I paid Microsoft Techs $90.99 USD. And Spam Ads are Still there!

small-community-3 Is Okayed by Norton!!?!! Again Norton is asleep at the wheel. This site is part of a major Spam Program to push Ads down our Throats like it all not. Stay away! ;^/


Skype on line error your equipment needs repair. Go to Immediately before Skype will have trouble. Don't do it at the end the site will ask for money ! Yet Norton said site okay...


Wave of future sent letter scale connect to computer. Free stamps printer on-line by special software using computer processor connected by USB. Trial for 30 days and return. For small and big business and middle class working people, senors citizens and shut-ins

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