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Tries to load fake flash player

This website displayed a false message that my flash player was outdated and needed to be updated because of a security defect. It asked me to download its own "flash player", which no doubt would have attacked my system.

Intrusion Attack!

In my Facebook news stream, a friend ostensibly posted a link to a news story. I clicked on it and was instantly notified by Norton Security that my had experienced an "intrusion attack", which was successfully blocked. I do not believe my friend even posted the link, but this was perpetuation of a successful attack against her.

phishing, spoof, identity-theft

Site pretends to be Twitter and asks for your password. The site will then access your account and send phishing/spoofs to all your Twitter followers and ask for their passwords too.

Spoofed as

I got an e-mail touting an upgrade to Adobe reader with a link that appeared to be from but was really to Being a spoof (a lie), I did not click on it.

Also, the e-mail address the e-mail was sent to is an address I use *only* with, which makes me wonder what the connection is and whether billmelater's system was somehow comprimised (broken into).

Scam site sends spoof emails

This site sent me a spoof email pretending to be from YouTube. I recognized it as spoof because the link it was to even though it said "YouTube".

Unfortunately, it tricked me anyway, as it had another link off to the far right that said "report spam", which was to the same spoof website, but I clicked on it hastily before realizing the spoof. I was brought to the website (note the misspelled word, "welness" with one 'L').

I am reporting both website addresses as part of this spoof/scam. Dangers can be assumed to exist.

Further research at reveals the "welness" site I mentioned, which presents itself as "MyCanadianPharmacy" is a sophisticated Russian scam operation that deals in credit card fraud and identity theft. Beware.