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small-community-2 not suitable for young children?

From what I have seen of this site it is not appropriate for young children (under14 years old) and/or children that are older (below 16 years old) but immature for their age. The web site says that users must be over 18 years old or, if they are younger (13 or older) they must have their parent’s permission. However there is no robust protection in place to ensure this is complied with.

Users have to select an avatar to represent themselves and all of the ones available portray the user (especially girls) in a way which I feel is a sexualised manner.

The site also requires payment for some services so parents need to be wary of what they are signing up for.

If you do not read the general use restrictions you will miss the warnings about risks to some users with various health conditions such as epilepsy.

I am surprised that Norton has marked this site as safe rather than a warning rating. The Community Rating of 2.8 should have alerted Norton that an “OK” and “SAFE” rating may not be applicable.