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whats happened AVC?

I have used the free version of AVC for years but recently having a lot of problems with Norton detecting the website ( a security risk and also blocked installation of the most recent version downloaded from, which I take is the legitimate original website for AVC? It detected a trojan as it unpacked the installation file.


the download for audacity on this page is from hotbar and will likely install malware along with the program.
Norton toolbar shows the website as a green OK but clicking for Full Report then loads this page saying 10 threats ???
Looks like the site re-directs and is associated to this
Norton should sort this out as it could give a false sense of security to some users if they don't bother to look up the full report !!
Legitimate download site for Audacity is

very dangerous

Received as a link in an email from a friend whose account was sending out spam ... this website will load a page that tries to look like the "My Computer" section of a windows pc and the drives being scanned.
Shows that your pc is infected and also tries to download something in the background.

websites using designer label name with .UK.COM

Both of these sites using the suffix are selling fake items

Buyers out there can help themselves learn to recognise fake sites by taking a closer look at the sites other areas such as returns or particularly the "contact us" link ...
example, would the genuine sellers of Pandora have a email address ?
Be careful, when prices are too good to be true ..that's because the goods are not true!