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Get a fast and free web browser!

"Citrio is a fast, polished browser which demonstrates excellent performance. Citrio’s rapid startup time, smooth browsing, and responsive addons will ensure the most comfortable web surfing ever."

"Citrio respects your privacy and doesn’t gather any of your personal information. The browser is designed to keep you safe and secure on the web with built-in malware and phishing protection, as well as automatic updates that make sure you have all the latest security fixes."

"Citrio has full support for all addons and extensions available in the web store. You can expand the functionality of Citrio by adding any features you might need. This makes Citrio a highly customizable tool for everyone."


AskVG is a popular website that covers Windows tips, tweaks, troubleshooting and customization.


Some programs from are most likey safe and ok to use. "SOME," so be careful on what you install.

Use At Your Own Risk

Programs form Iobit are probably safe to use, but be careful as they are known to be sneeky and suspicious.

Scamware and Bloatware!

Products from are not to be trusted and should be used at your own risk! They cuase unseen damage to your computers and may get a virus from them.