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Phishing site?

Linked from a FB post saying "You can now see exactly who's been looking into your Facebook profile", with a FB logo, but links to this url:
Which resolves to

Not related to FB/owned by FB, and most likely used for harvesting FB log in details.

Payment issues?

I tried to add credit on this site, with correct credit card details, and my card was denied. Not I'm concerned they might have kept the details.
The site has SSL and DigiCert, so I thought it would be OK.

fraudulent moneymaking site

see my review of:
This site is an identical copy of that one--scam for money.

fraudulent moneymaking site

This site claims to offer downloads (often of copyright material) to members. However joining the site doesn't give you access to the files they claim to have, and there is no way to contact the site owners, get customer support, or even to log in, after paying money to join. They also recharge your credit card--a much higher subscription fee, as well as a cancellation fee if you want to cancel. appears to be identical.
Don't pay them money!