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Feeling Safe and Secure

I and my kids use Uchatsocial on a daily basis. when i saw that they had added this feature to there site i thought i'd go check it out.
It's so nice to see an independent company like Norton can confirm what i already believed to be true, that Uchatsocial is a very safe place for me and my family to go.
My family and i have been using Uchatsocial for what seems to be forever now and we have always enjoyed the site immensely, knowing that it is as safe as what this weird threat report says only re-confirms in my head that i don't have to worry about viruses or content that isn't suitable to us.
I have always recommended this site to my friends and this only gives me even more reason to recommend it!
So to anyone out there who reads this, please take my word for it - if you want great wholesome entertainment for you your kids and your family in general, then you should really check out this site and feel safe doing it too.