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Jonathan Wycoff
Jonathan Wycoff
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Minecraft is safe to download!

Minecraft is an amazing and fun game, if you don't have it, buy it! :) No viruses!

Something comes to mind...

The website is called So why is the website from America?

Brothersoft Review (Terrible website)

Depends on what you download.
$700 Adobe Photoshop: A virus
Free Pivot Stickfighure Animator: Probably not.
No matter what, I still hate Brothersoft. But still, the reason these viruses or showing up is because Brothersoft is putting rogue software downloads on there website.

Yahoo review

Yahoo isn't the best search engine. Have you noticed lately that Yahoo has been redirecting you a lot? I know I have. Every single time I use their search engine, I get redirected! I prefer any other search engine besides Yahoo because of redirecting. Google does it sometimes. Ask is just plain stupid. It is just so annoying! They have really been falling downhill! I also got many emails from hacked trying to get me to go to some game site with a domain like!

Redirect site

Stay away!