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major popup ads

popups hijack the site before you can read any of the site info.

ask me fast

Seems suspicious.
A video plays when you open the site with a cute girl asking you if you want help.
Then later if you have not clicked on the girl, you get a popup of an odd looking man offering to help.
I went to the site looking for technical info for computer stuff and it does not have real information on the site that opens. Just the videos trying to get me to click on them , which I did not do. Seems to work on keywords only no real content. I put the site in my host file so it would not open any more but it still does.

Annoying popups and Ads

when I opened this site I got cleavage in my face from the right side bar and very annoying audio ad.
the IE popup blocker stopped the visual popup but the sound made it through. Dont bother there are plenty of site with the same content and none of the annoynaces. I suggest the owner of the site be more selective in his advertisers appropreate for his content - - - technical would be best.