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John Conrod
John Conrod
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False Positive

DVDVideoSoft updates frequently. The latest update of their FreeStudio Suite is incorrectly "Blocked by Policy".

This is a trusted developer of trusted multimedia apps. Licensed DVDVideoSoft Premium user for over five years.

False Flag Caution

DVDVideoSoft applications are updated very frequently. Therefore automated algorythms like Norton LifeLock will trigger a Caution flag when DVDVideoSoft publishes a new update. This is especially so for their HotFix downloads.

I purchased a DVDVideoSoft Premium license. They posted a notification to subscribers to expect False Positive or Caution flags for their HotFix downloads of their VideoEditor and YouTube Download to MP4 and MP3 apps

The Elder Sages' Guild on Enjin

Safe, friendly Player-Guild web site for aficionados of The Elder Scrolls games, particularly Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited.

The Elder Sages' Guild was founded August 31, 2013 during ESO PC Closed Beta and has a world-wide membership. Find us in ESO on the NA, EU, PTS, XB1 and PS4 megaservers, as well as on Facebook, Steam, YouTube, Tamriel Foundry, Raptr, TwitchTV, and other popular gaming community sites.

Visit our Home Page for more information or to join us:

Norton Safe Web pending. a GoDaddy certified Safe Site.

--Auldjohn, Master Sage & Co-Founder
Domain and Site Owner
The Elder Sages' Guild (TESG)

Incorrectly reported Not Safe

My personal profile page on the ESO Forums is reported Not Safe by Norton Safe Web. Norton Live Chat said to report the URL and await a response.

I have been a member of the ESO Forums since August 2013, renewed August, 2014. This is the first false positive in all that time. No other URLs on the ESO Forums report Not Safe.

I fully trust the ESO Forums.

Secure Enjin web site for The Elder Sages' Guild

The Elder Sages' Guild (TESG), a player guild for The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. Member forums, ESO event calendar, discussions of every aspect of the game, TeamSpeak 3 voice server, and more.

TESG was founded August 31, 2013 during ESO Closed Beta as one of the first player guilds. We continue to play on the NA, EU, and PTS megaserver.

Our mature-minded, small but growing group are also aficionados of the entire Elder Scrolls series and other games. We welcome players from every Alliance, ESO Race or Class, and any play style. Solo, small or large groups, PvE, PvP, Crafting, Trading, Role-Playing, and more.

Our site is secure with most forums and features open to verified members only. Domain Validate SSL protects contributions through secure transaction voluntary donations to our member-supported web site subscription and TeamSpeak server.

Enjin developed SSL secure transaction Group Pay widgets, "Support Us!" (voluntary site subscription donations and "Fund Us!" (TeamSpeak3 voice server "seats") enable member contributions for premium site features. PayPal and major credit cards accepted.

Voice channel chats are secure. Members are provided the server IP particulars and password.

The Elder Sages' Guild is recruiting: Use Referral Code "Norton", referred by Auldjohn for priority processing of your membership application.