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John A
John A
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Site itself is OK

This site does not have any security threat warnings triggered by Norton. However, it lead to some other sites that failed to load or triggered red warnings by Norton.

Leads to links which Norton blocks

Two different photo series on this site led me to a video, not the photos, and after selecting "NO" for show notification for that video (which was not playing but blank screen), Norton Security blocked a malicious site.

Popups of fake-looking news

This site has constant little popups on the top right of CTV or CBC news. It can also lead to malicious sites blocked by Norton.

Multiple malicious site blocks

This site leads to some popups which Norton blocked as malicious. It happened also a small top right window popup of some "news" from seemingly reputable sites like CBC or CTV.

No issues. A well-respected car dashcam mfg

I visited this site multiple times and there have been no pop-ups, suspicious freezing, or other behaviour using Firefox or Chrome browsers. This is a Taiwanese company which makes highly esteemed quality dash cams for cars.