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It DESTORYED my computer

downloaads privcy center and security tool the 2 most nasty rogues are downloaded on my computer DO NOT VIST THIS SITE becasuse when i did I could not even see my sesk top just a black screan with a arrow i had to use task manager to open windows I repeat DO NOT GO ON THIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )=

Nortin an Mcafee are the best

Yes nortons scans are faster but Mcafee has a better site scans so I recomend having both because when it come to site virus scans norton is terrible compared to mcafee but norton is a better virus remover just dont get kaspery it is probally a Hoax because it slows down your computer then you have to pay them to get your computer fixed

Well its not that safe

one really bad drive by download at the following URL

All togther 24 Security Risks

All of those are super severe DO NOT GO TO THIS SITE

Nothing bad

Just a few Downloaders there not that hard to get rid of just run a scan and norton will fo it for you