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Highly suspicious.

Instance where popup generated, would not allow for closure! Beware, this is also an adult website.


Be careful, not only will your inbox get bombed with "friend" requests, in one instance, in an email from them, you would think that clicking on a profile would just lead to their site. Wrong! Transferred to a Russian dating site that may or may not be safe; I did not stay too long to find out!
Concluding, due to the redirect in an email from them and the fact that they are merciless in sending "notifications", they get 3 bars for annoying. With sites like these fraud might play a factor if you provide them your credit card info. Overall, I wouldn't trust, this is also an inappropriate website.

Absolutely no good.

As some others have stated, many opportunists have made it their prerogative to spam this forum incessantly. This is a violation of Safe Web's guidelines and the Admin should immediately correct this situation.

Outright perilous

Full extension is something referenced as: And yes, before you ask, it does have three i's in the spelling. One for insidious, one for ill-repute, and the last for ignominious. From this url, I encountered "Fake Scan Webpage 30". Thankfully, Norton 360 prevented the attack. If you try to "Bing" or "Google" this, not too much authoritative info exists, although, in addition to Safe Web, Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic, AVG, and Sucuri have found problems with this domain. My advice, avoid it at all costs.

Update 10-24-20

In recent testing, links clicked, seemed to be safe, will continue to monitor....
This is an adult website.