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I have been using this site for years. It is very good and very safe.


Stay away. Gualke is sick. His end stage liver disease is probably affecting his mind. He is a sociopath with BPD.

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This is a vile site run by a madman from Wisconsin named Scott Michael Gualke. He is very mentally unstable. He was a member of a benzo support forum I use to be a member of, but the site admin. had to ban him because of bad behavior. Now, this cretin is on a mission to shutdown all benzo support forums on the web. He is now attacking a site called benzobuddies, but the site owner simply ignores this jerk and the lies he tells. Gualke is a very sick man who will try to draw you into his madness if he can. You are probably better off not reading some of the sick stuff he writes. They are just lies anyway.

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I just updated the youTube downloader. I have never had a problem with this site. No malware AFAICS.

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Will not harm your PC but could slow it down from all the tracking cookies. I have all 3rd party cookies blocked.