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Dishonest business practices

Their website's refund policy states once the activation of the key occurs a purchaser can only get a 20 mg or less for testing the software for the refund of $99.95 but, that policy is unjust when I discovered I didn't need there software for anything! My computer had a glitch causing 1 file each to disappear in my Mac's Finder Pictures and Videos. The files returned automatically 12 hours later! Their support department were not compliant and refused me my refund because they said I exceeded over 20 mg after activation. The quantity space in the software offers the option of megabytes or gigabytes. I selected as low number in megabytes repeatedly starting with 100mg, 500 mg and 1000 mg. The software repeatedly kept bypassing the perimeters that I set exceeding at on average 260 gigabytes that I had to reset secondary perimeters finally ending up with 1.42 GB, 2.25 GB and 7.2 GB to sift through my jpeg images! As you can tell it is hopelessly impractical to preset the perimeters at 20 MG!

Servers are malware infected!

I subscribed twice within a thirteen month interval. After the first subscription in December 2011 I had many malware infection symptoms and deleted the operating system, all programs and reinstalled them. The symptoms from 2011 were my Mac's Safari browser repeatedly showed a page stating "can not connect to server for this page", repeatedly got the same error on MPL Studios site when attempting to view photo sets and last had other errors with the operating system preferences with my audio volume kept returning to default medium setting when I would put it at high! In December 2012 I have the similar symptoms a year earlier... I wasn't certain that their website caused the problem first time, is why I didn't report this and why I purchased a second discount subscription!

Website releases your e-mail address to spammers

Moderators and the webmaster are bias against forum comments of competing viewpoints by locking submitted threads also, deactivating there memberships!
Senior members are favored to violate the website's etiquette policy against competing viewpoints!
Website releases your e-mail address to spammers as retaliation for those with competing viewpoints...
The lack of impartiality is because the sponsors are porn studios and what conflicting opinions in there public forum that could cause them to loose money aren't tolerated!

It is inaccessible!

The website url hasn't worked for about a month now! I contacted there billing service to relay a message to their technical department "CCBill" and they had no success in contacting or bringing up there url either...

7/27/12 Rigin-studio down for a week!

Google Safe Browsing diagnostic page indicated Rigin-studio. com's home page has malware! Technical difficulties from have made accessing their home page impossible!