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Source of spam

If you sign up to this website you are likely to recieve a large amount of spam. As at this current time its Norton status is "UNTESTED" I cannot provide any more information about it than that. But it is on the IBM DNS blacklist for being a source of spam so beware:

Great site!

This great website tells you if a cafe or restaurant is Secular (e.g.: Non halal), kosher, halal or vegetarian/vegan.

For UK only.

Great website!

Great website to learn if you are home educated or as extra when you are at school!


Very Suspicious website, well I would not even really call it a website. I think that it is a server or router IP address.


I scanned it with BitDefender TrafficLight and it came up as having Malware and I know someone who has been on it and has got malware.