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I check suspicous sites.
I check suspicous sites.
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Safe but laggy.

This site gives out a chat enable system to make you chat and play game. This is handy but it does lag a bit when downloading game info. It can get stubborn. Either that good program to use for friends. Remember thats my opinion of what i had used from my experince.

Not safe.

This browser i downloaded acidentally was from going to download but unluckly i downloaded the wrong one and got to a ad that auto downloaded this for me! It is kind of stubborn to remove and you need to get malware bytes to probably remove some virus it gaved out. I did took out 3. So do not use this browser or even think of visiting it.

Good but you need to watchout!

Good site to get this which can be very useful if you are making clothes for ROBLOX. BUT there is a downfall for this site. To many fake download ads! You need to pick the right one. Most are fake and can give you a virus. So i say be caution. Just to many ads thats the bad thing but Everything else is good witht his program. Enjoy it.

Not safe at all.

I got fooled when i was younger thinking there was an ad of a pokemon online game.. Fooled i click the website then ask for a download bar with it (Hotbar). Stupid enough i downloaded it with the fake download. Got a trojan and many more adware. Lucky Norton took most of the virus out. Ad was from youtube too. So do not be fool.

Safe out.?

This is a good website for flash games but this website indeed does have a lot of pop ups and ads so always be careful to not click download this game or such. Pretty safe website but their is a game online version for armrogames its call colony. This game gets hacked but doesn't spread out of the browser just in game. Thats pretty much it.