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Want to download unsafe software from a disreputable source? Visit FileHippo today! Allows people to list software under any name, uncensored. Extremely dangerous. Never get stuff off here. Malware could be listed as, I don't know, Java SE.

Never get anything off of here.

This site allows anyone to upload whatever they want uncensored. Which includes highly dangerous malware listed as something safe.

Filled with drive-by downloads

You install something off of there and you never know what else it'll throw on. Usually not very dangerous, but adware is not fun.

They own Norton

Symantec used to own Norton until it was acquired by Broadcom. Which is why the site redirects to Broadcom's.

You're using Norton

If you don't trust then what are you doing submitting a report on it's own website. If you think Norton is sketchy then leave and delete your account.