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no doubt

Maybe I, and the other reviewers are biased, but we can all agree that Norton is out to protect it's customers online.

just documentation

This site is for the documentation of greasemonkey, an extension for firefox and other browsers that allows developers to alter the behavior of a sites that are not theirs. Greasemonkey can be misused, but if you are not running greasemonkey, you should have no worries.

Personally, I think greasemonkey is valuable tool. You have have to be careful.

replica watches

The hacker safe badge is not authentic. I would stay far away from this site.

will harm you or your computer

To good to be true?

Is this another site that is too good to be true? They have a place on the site where you should be able to opt out of direct marketing. This would keep my mailbox from overflowing on Wednesdays.

More to come... I will keep you updated on my experience with this site.