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This site is for bloggers who want to keep an online journal. Membership is free or if you want, you can purcahse a life time membership that give you more options and control of your page. This is a safe site that runs itself responsibly.

Trojan Injector

This site runs advertisements that are associated with malware injection that exploit browser vulnerability. A pop up window will appear that locks up your browser and give you a warning that virus has been detected. Other time the same pop up will appear but instead says welcome and will try to force you to click it.

User Beware

I first came across after I purchase the game left4dead for the PC. At that time my surfing activity was relegated to Hotmail, IGN, and mostly Gamespot. For over a year, I didn't go anywhere else on the web that I've never been before for safety reason. While looking for mod to the game, this page pop up. At first visit, everything was fine. I would say it was safe for several visit, but out of nowhere I was hit by a browser hijacker or some sort of trojan. I know I didn't get it from IGN, Gamespot or MSN Hotmail. It wasn't just some trojan where I could locate the file and delete it, at that time I have AVG install and it couldn't fix the problem. In fact, it completely mess up my browser where I could no longer surf. No matter what I type, it would go to this webpage that look like a search engine with porn pictures on the side. The problem was serious, while deleting whatever keys I could find in the registry, the trojan would always back up itself and reinstall. I was running Window 2000 at that time and could only fix the problem after a full reinstallation of Window. The site while being a hud for mods that specifically focus on the first person genre, seems safe today, but wasn't always safe in the past. To me, the site was responsible for the trojan. I know for a year I didn't have problem elsewhere. I would say that this site has had suspecious activity in the past. I hope the site owner clean up his act.