George Strain's reviews

Nag Site!

The site may be safe but you have to jump through hoops to get to the content they off. Since I refuse to jump through said hoops I can't say if that part is safe or not. Suspicious at best.

Abuse of Service

I think it's a crock that people will abuse this service just because they don't agree with a site. is a legitimate site and has NO scams on it.

Symantec needs to change the Rating

This may be a hosting site but somehow one of there users got hold of my gmail contacts and sent out spam with the link to Considering it was unsolicited, I have no doubt it is either a Phishing site or a virus. Symantec needs to listen to the people that are adding the reviews and change the Rating or else this "Safe Web" site is useless!

Luigi's Pizza

Pretty decent pizza for the Edenton, N.C. area and you get your money's worth. I would recommend anyone to at least try them.

Blown For Good – The Book

Blown For Good is a book exposing Scientology disconnection policies and extreme work conditions including mental, physical and emotional abuse. The site wants people to tell their stories and try to expose Scientology for the cult and fraud it is.