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It's good

One of my favorite gaming websites. Besides the advertisments, it's a good site for you online computer gamers.


I was shocked when i saw this. The site claims you can trust them because they test out the codes to make they work. Ok, alright sounds ok. But there's one thing that's bothering me.....if the codes are being tested then how are we, aka the downloaders supposed to get the money from the code? I mean come on, common sense people, you have to attempt to redeem a code to know if it works or not. And that's probably why they're giving them for free. Common sense folks the codes already been used.


Theres nothing there just a few links to a few other websites. Not related to the ravens or football.

Most likely safe

Site is probably safe. Can't wait for the game to release. A game from the makers of wizard101, this outta be a good game.

Not so good

I've tried it and it freezes and gliches on me. I wouldnt reccomend this game to anyone