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Fergal Lyons
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suspicious site

Link received via spam text message. Mcafee site secure is clearly false. Russian rip off or legitimate UGG site

Source of malware

This site allows you to download a tool which allegedly allows you to watch baseball games. However it downloads a lot of other stuff. Norton blocks it based on behavior -it tried to sent a large amount of data to external servers. also very hard to remove, keeps reinstalling components. NPE was required to remove the bulk of it, but even then I had to manually remove some other files.

Stay away, stay well away. I believe Safeweb should flag this site.

Phishing site

An obvious phishing site. Shows as a facebook page.

Full URL

Site may have been compromised

This seems to be a legitimate site but has a rogue php script (
) which diverts to a suspicious prescription med site. Site seems to have been compromised, may contain other threats.