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Very good site!

Be careful how you type it, if you misspell it, it may take you to a whole different website with... inappropriate content.

Tasty food, perfect website

A trusted website, I am sorry if you think their food is bad, so you tick a bad score for the website, you have a very small brain and cannot figure out that their food and website do not correlate with eachother.

Be careful with this one

A website with fun little minigames to play when you are bored, hence the name.

Be careful, though. I have gotten alerts from various games it takes you to, some with high threats.

I would be careful

It is a website randomizer that applies to your interests. It has a chance of giving you a website with malware in it though, so I would be careful.

Just an annoying flashy gif

This is just an annoying flashy GIF now. It will not cause pop-ups, or anything of the matter. It will not crash your computer (unless you have a really crap computer, but how would you be running any browser?). Idiot away, children.