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Abstract Tool Fraud?

April 8, 2021, I ordered a cordless router battery from a supposedly Florida basd company using my AMEX. Instead of a confirmation page or notice the charge had been declined I got a response that the charge did not go thru but they would try again and contact me within three days; HOWEVER, as soon as I pressed the order submit button AMEX texted me an online or phone charge had been made. I never got a confirmation email. I became suspicious and tried to call Abstract. The phone number was phony (not in service and had a Utah prefix). The address in Florida was also phony - a residence according to Google. I sent them an email cancelling the order (like that would actually do any good lol). Their WHOIS listing was well protected not to reveal anything about them. The AMEX charge first cited CLToolCentre as the payee. That is a small vendor in Brisbane, Australia. The payment processor was listed as STRIPE in Melbourne, Australia. I contacted CL Tool Centre. They said I was not the first person to contact them about Abstract. They NEVER HEARD OF THEM nor do they accept AMEX. I understand CL has alerted STRIPE to the situation. Ostensibly a fraudulent website initially used CL's name to set up STRIPE as its payment processor then subsequently changed the payee to ABS Tool (Australia) as the vendor on the AMEX charge. Webroot shows Abstract as a malicious and dangerous site. All five previous one-star ratings on BBB declare the company to be fraudulent. I blocked the charge on AMEX and had them change my card number. I RECOMMEND YOU NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS FIRM.