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Don't do it! - Ultimate profit booster

Sorry this has so much hype behind it that it has to be a scam.

This advertized scam site might be the longest run on webpage I have ever seen! Its YET ANOTHER get rich quick site that you have never heard of outside of horrible hyped up infomercials or in SPAM emails. ( and neither one can be trusted )

They claim you can EASILY MAKE 10,000 PLUS A MONTH!
( and with no work at all, does that even sound possible? NO! )

SAVE YOUR MONEY, all you will get here is ripped off.

another get rich scam site

They will "sell" you a plan to beat the stock market and let you make huge money.

Their website is very amateurish. Stay away from this scam site.

Phone spammers "You have won a free cruise"

I never heard of this american company until they PHONE SPAMMED me in Canada with a bot (dialer) call from "603-315-5514". "You have won a free cruise, push 1 to accept"

I HATE companies that are hammering the world with their garbage dialers trying to rip us off.

I went to the BBB in Florida, this company is not accredited, but they have info on them anyway.
On a scale of A+ to F - they got rated an F!!

BBB link:

1364 complaints closed with BBB in last 3 years | 502 closed in last 12 months
(thats a lot of complaints!)

This is their overhyped website: http://bahamascruiseregistration.com, Look for the terms and conditions, probably 3 whole pages at normal print size.

DON't support companies that use dialers to hammer our phones day after day. (@$#@% Phone Spammers!)

spamverized scam site

Yet another new domain spamming the fake/scam site "Canadian Health&Care Mall."

WHERE to start explaining these sleazy scam sites and the criminals you would be dealing with.

- To be clear, Its not Canadian and not even in Canada. Do a "who is" look up on the domain and see russian ".ru" nameservers? (AND FAKE Canadian addresses)
- try look up the street address on google!

They are Lowlife criminals spamming the world with FAKE pharmacies and fake addresses.

Think about it, what will you get? (credit card fraud? identity theft? sugar pills? )
EVEN IF you get something, think it would be the same medicine and dosage that you would get at a real licensed pharmacy in North America? (Good Luck!)
DO YOUR OWN SEARCH on google.com like this for more info: Canadian Pharmacy +scam
(or put a different SCAM PHARMACY name in place of "Canadian Pharmacy" and see the 1000's of people scammed by these criminals)

These spammers spam all these garbage brands here:


FINAL ANALYSIS: A horrible scam, spammed for years on many many 1000's of domains.
(sometimes the spammers change the content, but its still spam and still a scam site)

Fake Pharmacy

This the "payload" site for a whole bunch of spammed throw away .ru domains.

Its a fake pharmacy site that the spammers hope to get enough info for credit card fraud or identity theft.

more info on these criminals here:

These domains always use invalid, false or stolen information for the who is information:

Domain bLacklisted at spamhaus as well:

Still need more info?
Go to the spammers contact page and look at the building they claim to have offices at.

Using google maps check the addresses they claim are thiers.

The USA Branch Office
2723, Guadalupe St,
Austin, TX,

google map:

Go right down to street view and see for yourself the lying scammers building isn't there.

Then go to their "main office" they list at this address:
186 Brock Street,
Kingston, ON,

google map:

Click down to street view. The building doesn't exist. The spammer is so stupid they don't even bother to use a real address. They count on people not checking things out.

Final Rating?
Complete fake scam site out to rip you off. Never deal with these fake Pharmacies.