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Official site of Drone Tech Aerospace Ltd, UK

Perfectly safe.
This site is owned and operated by us, Drone tech Aerospace Ltd, a professional drone services and technology company in the UK.
The site has vast amounts of company information, contact and bios of the management team.

small-community-1 is a dangerous scam site

Norton Safw Web ... for goodness sakes.
You're returning OK Safe status reports on obviously scam dangerous site!!!!
How damned hard is it to spot that is a site spoofing UK bank ????
Especially as it is hosted in the USA???
The domain is not owned by Santander Bank???
And there are reports, including my own, out there on the web that this domain is a spoofed phishing domain!

As webmaster for the site I attest to its safety

This is the official corporate website for Drone Tech Aerospace Ltd in the United Kingdom.

We have developed the site to the highest safety standards and perform regular checks and maintenance.

Should anyone discover anything at all of concern then we request that you contact us immediately.