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Cory 52
Cory 52
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Don't Try Free Desktop App

The site claims you can watch free HD baseball streams by downloading their free desktop app. Being desperate one day I though I would try it out, but as expected it was a virus. Norton blocked several trojans and worms before I could get everything cleaned out with the power eraser.

Be cautious on this site and block as many Javascripts as you can. The desktop app installed 4 other "programs" with it that appeard just to be scams for you to give them your data. Stay away from the downloads on this site and its' parent VIPBox

Spyware scan

this page keep trying to get me to scan for spyware

Don't bother ordering from here.

The site its self maybe safe but placing an order here is a waste of time. After ordering you recive a order processed email that day then nothing. Its been a month and my order hasn't shipped and none of my emails have gotten a response. I have read a lot of similar stories about the site on the net. Don't buy from this site.