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Just Be Cautious

Whilst NIS 2010 claims that the website is afe, Norton File Insight knows nothing of this file, and so will bombard you with warnings. I personally didn't take the risk and removed it completely, but if anyone could enlighten on whether it is safe or not I'd be grateful.

HTTP Misleading Application Redirect 2

Looks safe on the outside, but having gone onto this site, I would have been sentenced to death by drive-by download, had it not been for Norton Internet Security 2010. And yet, when I searched on Google, Norton said the site was safe...

Arr, I won't lie to you, this site is BAD!

An email containing a link to this website was placed in my SPAM folder, under Potential Phishing Attacks. That basically sums it up, doesn't it.

This one's in my book of bad sites!

Trojan.Sopiclick's allies are at this website!


Want free updates for your deadly Trojans? Then you've come to the right place!

Moral: Don't go to this site!