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-wholehearted disSENSion-!!_

-YTD is no such "thREAt-" at all; WrONg CITy folks! I've used now for yEArs and am sUPEr pleased and,... I'd say Look out [they] don' SUe ya'- for 1 big dose o' BULL_!!

...Annoyance factors should NOt be "0"!!,-

-Trusted Software's "little helper application" / file type assistant" that tags-along-downloads with Final Video Downloader for example,... IS an annoyance! It will intercept your computer [mouse]'s normal right-click function and rather than allow it to open [menu to open] a file as it should; The "helper" offers it's own services (presenting / promoting itself as your only option even to an extent...),... for damn $!! My only remedy has been to uninSTAll this "_assistant" from under Programs and now...
Norton you should instantly QUARantine Trusted Software's such CRAp; THAnks!