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Apple Official Homepage!

Safe and Trusted site this company makes Computers and phones along with Itunes and Safari.

Browse Happy Official Homepage!

Probaby safe not the official site Just a vender for Google Chrome,Firefox,Safari much better to Go on the official websites.

Goldtoken Online Board Games Official Homepage!

Safe Site Lots of Classic Board Games to play.

Heinz Tomato Ketchup Official Homepage!

Safe site This company makes Ketchup in a Bottle with other brands Like Heinz Mayonaise and you can Get recipes and follow them on

UTZ Snacks Official Hompage!

Safe site This company makes Brands of potato chips Like Kettle Classic Potato Chips, Handcooked Potato Chips,Tortilla Chips,Organic Product Line,Cheese Curls,Rice Crisps,Popcorn Puff"n Corn,Variety Packs,Pretzels,Select Pretzels,Snacks in Barrels,Party & Pubmix,PorkRinds.