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Softronic Contains Pirated Software

Softronic sells or distributes copyright material taken from other sites. Games, Game Mods, Software products, etc. all being sold/distributed without permission from the copyright holders. Such redistributed material has been demonstrated to contain malware or other dangers changes.

Must disable security to access site

The site requires users to disable their VPN to access their site.

Blocks VPN Access

When attempting to access this site with Norton VPN, this site issues the following

< quote >

Request Blocked

Due to abuse from this hosting service, all traffic is blocked.

If you are a person and not a robot, please disable your VPN/proxy server to continue.

< endquote >

Forcing users to disable security to access a site makes a site unsafe to visit.

Gotta call bulls**t.

Norton, do your homework. Some nitwit (only word I could think of which wasn't an expletive) with a grudge against Tarshana and the fact that she only supports mod creation for Xbox decided to report her website out of spite. This website is no more dangerous than a box of sleeping kittens.