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Logs you out of google accounts

The site itself works fairly well, though is confusing to navigate. However, it requires you to login again every once in awhile, which is already annoying enough. However, if you sign in with a google account, when it does this it will log you out of all your google accounts as well. Any email or google doc you're on, you will get kicked off of. Not just the account you used to sign in. All of them.

Great Site!

As a birder, this site is great to both report your own bird sightings, and also view data to see where else to go.

Fake Warnings

Another site with fake popups saying your computer has a kshufgsduillion viruses that don't actually exist. X it out every time it comes up and you'll be fine.

Safe and Helpful

Mapchart is a great way to make your own custom maps, and you can download them with no risk.

Fake Virus Alert

This site will falsely say that it has found viruses in your Mac, despite there being no supporting evidence. It also tries to mimic the apple website, but it is not related to apple. They appear to have breached security systems of other websites, I've noticed and regularly redirecting here, but this is not related to those sites. If you use them or any other site and this site pops up, close the window immediately. There are actual virus scanners out there. This is not one of them