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Totally safe, official website

This is the official website for VirtualBox. Someone suggested the site was fake and that is the actual site, however this site IS in fact run by Oracle, and is the go-to place for end users to learn about and download VirtualBox.
All current downloads on this website are signed by Oracle.
This site was previously owned by Sun Microsystems prior to the Oracle buy-out, and even before was owned by Innotek GmbH before Sun bought them out.

Software and site are safe

This site has absolutely no security issues.
The Tor Project does acknowledge there are certain potential vulnerabilities regarding the "exit node" that could compromise the user's privacy so they provide basic instructions to stay anonymous.
Specifically, never enter any personal or sensitive information into insecure http webforms, and activity you shouldn't be doing anyway. Tor is just an anonymizing router and not some sort of magical data encryption program.
The Tor Browser is constantly developed, with significant help from Mozilla, who provides the base Firefox browser code. Just like any software there can be vulnerabilities, so users should be careful browsing unknown or suspicious websites, just like they should be doing anyway with their regular browser.

Malicious and illegal

This URL shortener effectively hides the destination of websites.
The advertising is often malicious.
Individuals who violate copyright often use this service in order to make a profit off their illegal goods.

Takes the fight a little too far

They fight for freedom and provide various privacy utilities like HTTPS Everywhere (for end-users) and Certbot (for server admins).
However, they fight for "freedoms" of some who are a bit less than legitimate, specifically operators of piracy websites; they previously fought for P2P developers but have taken it a step further by defending actual piracy sites, and defending illegitimate pharmacy websites.

This is the official DXGL website.

This is the official website for the DXGL project, a replacement graphics library for DirectDraw based games.
I have taken several steps to ensure the safety of this website; the entire site runs on HTTPS with HSTS preload..
The software is completely open source, and can be examined using either the self-hosted repository or the mirror hosted on GitHub. The software itself contains completely no online components, except for a small runtime downloader in the installer.
The only tracker installed on the site is Piwik, which is a self-hosted analytics package, and no analytics data is shared with any third-parties. The IP addresses collected by the analytics package are partially zeroed out (last half for IPv4 and last 80 bits for IPv6) in order to meet the anonymization requirements of some jurisdictions.