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Norton though shows a green flag for home page, its downloads are virulent...

A Malware

I dunno why Norton gave it a green flag?
It deserves a rating of -0.7 instead... All malware.. Can harm PC. When you install it, the start page comes with a message regarding Running of Javascript. Clicking Yes will surely be an invitation for viruses.

Does it deserve this?

I mean I was redirected to some Trojans as I ws viewing a video...Though the site is safe...
Best way is to view the site thru Bing.. There is lesser chance of any harm to PC.

Almost Nice

It is a nice file hosting site...
It itself has some color scheme to show whther files are clean or not...
The site has changed its theme...

More or less a horror movie

It is a complete crap...
Most of its files are corrupt and there is danger of viruses being spread on systems.