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Not Safe!!!

friend and i play runescape. i dont use bots, but he did. when he downloaded this program to his computer, i watched how it downloaded. it downloaded fine, but then forced the computer to download other suspicious files. I feel this needs to be further looked into, maybe adding a dropper threat to this website, instead of an ok/safe sign. long story short, he got viruses and they ruined his wifi chip, he has to use a external wifi drive now, and he had to factory reset his laptop. which still did not fix the wifi problem. save yourself the trouble and play runescape the normal way, not to mentioned the bans you will receive if you bot. learn from my friends mistake

Safe To A Degree...

Safe as long as your being careful. lots of downloads that contain viruses on here. know what you are doing. also be very careful of what you download, there are MANY illegal downloads ranging from simple music downloads to movies to $800 programs. people have been charged for illegal downloading. all in all, when using this website be very careful.