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Well known software reverse engineering site

This probably looks like a FP.

This should not be marked Red

MSDN blogs have lot of important information. We cannot possibly mark this site Red.

secure and trusted

Nice site for amateur astronomers

Got tons of news, photos and videos that will interest amateur astronomers. Dont miss the video of the rising earth taken from the space.

Love Quicken

Wish they would get support from big financial sites like Etrade who do not provide with transactional data for ESOP and ESPP which forces you to enter it yourself.

However, Quicken works! And it shows you your worth and your expenses. Just looking at the cash flow report week after week will make you discipline yourself.

They also make TurboTax. However, I have never managed to use it properly to get maximum deduction as I always had some weird use cases (multiple W2 or spouse without SSN) which it did not handle properly.

In terms of usability though, I rank TurboTax very highly.