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Fake scanner

This is a fake av that scams your money tricking you into thinking there are viruses on your machine.

fake scanner

this will eventually steal your money tricking you there are viruses on your system. You give in to all the annoying pop ups and fake alerts and go to a page "unlimited anti-virus only one payment!"
Really it is going into someone elses pocket.


When injected into an HTML file, malicious JavaScript can:

Exploit browser and plugin vulnerabilities to run arbitrary code
Display fake antivirus scans and other fraudulent information
Download JavaScript, HTML, and other files
Hijack browsing sessions
Redirect users to malicious websites
Steal information


This file looks like it does good to your computer but it really doesn't. Trojans are designed to pass through firewalls and bring more malware into your computer.

Norton says this website is safe..

But i downloaded a few of the free games "guaranteed no spyware of viruses!" But i downloaded zuma delux game which gave me a trojan horse. Thank goodness norton blocked this threat but the website is a bit misleading and unsafe. Also seriously, norton saying this is safe...

What a joke.